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An introduction to key concepts and implementation guide

The Ultimate Guide to Data Mesh Architecture

If implementing data mesh is high on your list of priorities, you’re not alone. 

As organizations scale their use of data, centralized architectures can prevent data teams from keeping pace with stakeholder demands and system needs.

Data mesh can help solve this problem, with domain-oriented decentralization that empowers domain teams, relieves pressure from the data team, and fosters easier collaboration and connection with federated data governance across the organization. 

Implementing data mesh effectively, though, takes careful planning, foresight, and buy-in from various stakeholders across the company. A successful data mesh deployment is as much about mindset as it is about infrastructure.

In this guide, we will walk you through multiple strategies deployed by leading data teams that have successfully implemented data mesh such as Zalando, BlaBlaCar, and BairesDev. In this guide you'll learn:

Unlock the Value of Your Data

  • What a data mesh is–and isn’t
  • Data mesh design principles
  • Strategies for implementing domain-oriented architecture, data-as-a-product, self-service, and federated governance.
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