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For the second year, Monte Carlo partnered with Wakefield Research to survey more than 200 data professionals across industries to reveal the state of data quality.

The consequences of data downtime are severe, more so than ever before. And in this economic climate, organizations can't afford the cost.

While some metrics have started to improve, data downtime has nearly doubled year over year. Access our survey for insights on topics such as:

  • Data stack complexity

  • Average time to detection, resolution, and number of data incidents

  • Overall time spent on data quality

  • Impact of data quality on revenue and business stakeholders

  • And more

Access these complimentary survey data insights to better develop your strategy for building reliable, scalable data systems.

Insights From Data’s Leading Teams

To go beyond the numbers, we included insights from leading data teams such as:

We hope you find the survey results as interesting as we all did, and that they help you develop your strategy for building reliable, scalable data systems.

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Data insights to help eliminate data downtime and build reliable, scalable data systems.

Wakefield & Monte Carlo:
The State of Data Quality in 2023

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