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Thursday, March 9, 2023 | 10 AM PT

Measuring Data Team ROI

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As data leaders, one of our top priorities is to measure ROI. From tracking the efficacy of marketing campaigns to understanding the root cause of new spikes in user engagement, we’re tasked with keeping tabs on the health of the business at all levels. But what about the ROI of our own teams? 

In this panel, we’ll discuss how to build strategies for measuring data team ROI with Barr Moses, CEO and co-founder at Monte Carlo, Shivani Stumpf, GVP of Analytics, Data Science and New Solutions at PowerSchool, and other data executives. Whether you have a robust set of SLAs around your reports and pipelines or are still trying to evaluate the best way to showcase the value your team delivers, join us to learn from the experiences of others in your space.

Meet the Authors

Barr Moses

CEO and Co-founder of Monte Carlo

Barr Moses is the CEO and co-founder of Monte Carlo, a data reliability company. In this book, she shares her experiences and learnings on how today’s data organizations can achieve high data quality at scale through technological, organization, and cultural best practices.

Molly Vorwerck

Head of Content at Monte Carlo

Molly Vorwerck is the Head of Content at Monte Carlo, a data reliability company. In her spare time, she freelances for USA Today, reads up on all the latest trends in data, and volunteers for the California Historical Society.

Lior Gavish

CTO and Co-founder of Monte Carlo

Lior Gavish is CTO and Co-Founder of Monte Carlo, a data reliability company backed by Accel, Redpoint, GGV, and other top Silicon Valley investors. Lior holds an MBA from Stanford and an MSC in Computer Science from Tel-Aviv University.

Barr Moses

CEO and Co-Founder at Monte Carlo

Featured Data Leaders

Watch the video for a discussion on how data leaders can track and scale the impact of their teams.

Virtual Data Panel:  On-Demand

  • Data products adoption
  • Setting and measuring SLAs
  • Data team impact
  • Data quality strategy
  • And more.

This dynamic discussion will cover topics covered in the guide such as:

Shivani Khanna Stumpf

Group Vice President, Analytics, Data Science and New Solutions at PowerSchool

Meenal Iyer

VP, Data at Momentive.ai (formerly SurveyMonkey)

Helena Muñoz

Senior Software Engineer at Monte Carlo Data

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