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Data trust is on every data team’s mind, but how do you create and maintain this elusive, precious asset?

We surveyed 200 data teams with Wakefield Research to benchmark data product adoption rates and how data leaders can improve them.

Our latest eBook dives into these questions, and covers other critical questions such as:

  • Which data product use cases are the most valuable to their organization.
  • How much revenue customer facing and operational data use cases have generated.
  • The aggregate, internal value data consumers place on their dashboards.
  • Changes in data budgets
  • Overall ROI

Trusted data leaders have trusted data. Access this guide today to see how your peers are boosting data adoption and maximizing the return on their data products.

Insights From Data’s Leading Teams

To go beyond the numbers, we included insights from leading data teams such as:

We hope you find the survey results as interesting as we all did, and that they help you develop your strategy for building reliable, scalable data systems.

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Explore how 200 data teams are driving adoption and revenue with data products

Survey Results: The State of Data Products in 2023

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