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2023 Data Engineering
Trends & Predictions

...Just kidding. 

We 💙 distributed data systems. But there’s certainly more to building a good data strategy in 2023 than 2022’s biggest buzzword. 

As budgets tighten and the demand on data teams only grows, it’s important to understand the technologies, cultural shifts, and processes primed to define our fourth year in the decade of data. 

In our second edition of this comprehensive report, we’ll walk you through key data predictions and trends data engineering leaders may face in 2023, such as:

In with data contracts, out with data mesh...

  • Managing cloud infrastructure costs

  • The productization of internal data

  • The rise of the data product manager

  • Closer alignment between data and finance teams

  • The modernization of data governance

  • The maturation of data contracts

  • And more!

As companies increasingly invest in Snowflake, Databricks, and other data infrastructure, data teams must pay more attention to the solutions, responsibilities, and resources associated with building and scaling data systems.

We hope this report will help keep you up to speed with the technologies and trends most impacting our industry’s evolving landscape. 

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